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$3 Anthropologie Dupe


Wanna see my designer dupe that cost me just three dollars to make? 😲


Being a broke girl sucks, especially when you have a high-end taste. Luckily for me, I'm a crafty one, so when I "window shop" on my favorite sites, like Anthropologie, I am often inspired to recreate pieces I wish I could buy. Pieces like this one:



Like I said, this only cost $3, actually, $2.50 but we'll round up.

From Dollar Tree, I purchased a round foam wreath form and a plate. That's it. Everything else I needed/used to make this I already had on hand.



Starting with the foam wreath form, I measured it to get the halfway point, and using my box cutter I cut the form in half.



Then I hot glue/E6000 the plate to the two arches.


I painted the entire thing with *Rustoleum's Chalk paint in Linen White, then use a clear coat to protect it.



I saved myself 65 bucks on this one! This turned out so perfect, I think I want to make more in other colors and sizes, it fits my aesthetic to a tee.



Check out the full video here:




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