Have you seen this before?


I decided to try something out, and you'll have to let me know what you think of it, but I made a little shelf using antlers.

I started off with what is called a skull cap (I think) and some scrap wood.

To mount the antlers, I need to drill holes through the bone. I used just a plain old wood bit for it, and while it was difficult at first, it didn't take long to drill through.



I cut and sanded my wood pieces, then stained them with Varathane Special Walnut (the closest I can find now is Dark Walnut).


I used some screws to mount the antlers to the smaller board, then painted over them. I then decided to just add some florals, because why not?



Now, I didn't permanently attach the shelf, so that I can go without it if I chose, but once I hung it on the wall, I liked that I could do either one.

It's not meant for anything too heavy, maybe a little plant and some other little bits and bobs, but I love it so much!




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