Today is this months unofficial designer dupe day, and I've chosen two for this one, one from McGee and Co. and one from Pure Salt.


Take a look:




So, they look easy enough...right?

Not so much 🤣


For the bowl, I used 3 wooden beads and a bowl from Dollar Tree. Ok, now I have learned many things (as we do) and first off is, take the inspo pics with you when searching for the pieces you need. Had I done that, I would have chosen a better shape for the bowl, more like the original. As it were, I just grabbed one I "thought" would work. I mean, it's good, but as always, could be better.


Secondly, in the process of doing the paint. I should have only painted the outside so the inside would stay nice and shiny. I could done a coat of the interior color, then painted the exterior color over that. I didn't but I should have, so keep that in mind if you try this.

Anywhooo....I used E-6000 and a dab of hot glue to attach the beads (feet) to the bowl. 3 times. Because these just don't really like glass. "I made it work"™️ (as I do) and they sat up for like 16 hours before I moved on.



Then I used a little bit of DAS air dry clay to try to give them the appearance of being sculpted right off the bowl. Once all that was dry and cured, I added a layer of Mod Podge inside and out so the paint would stick. Again, if I knew then what I know now...



So I used some Delta Ceramcoat Bambi Brown and Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint in Sheepskin to paint this one, and then sealed it all up with Gloss Mod Podge.


On to the Pure Salt dupe.

This was a hot mess right out of the gate 🤣

First, the shape of my bowl was ok but not quite right, but that's fine, we can work with that. I covered it in Cling Wrap and went to work.

I meticulously (not really but it sounds better) rolled out the separate little spiney bits to make the bowl.


Using water I smoothed and attached everything together.


Once it dried, I used that same Bambi Brown with a drop of the Sheepskin to paint the whole thing, and I added...pepper! I cracked some pepper onto the wet surface for added texture.

It's a bit wonky, but it works.



I think I will try this one again, I have a better idea of how to do it and it will turn out way better.

Here are both pieces together, what do you think?


Check out the full video below:




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