This is probably my favorite DIY this year, if not of all time. I've been obsessed with making one of these apothecary cabinets with the little Dollar Tree cube drawers, and finally, I was able to get it together.


I've seen other makers do these, but I wanted to take it a step further. Not only did I frame these little boxes in, but I created additional drawers to add to the charm of this DIY cabinet.


First, I started with the Dollar Tree cube drawers.



I used an entire case of them (24) to build this! I used some clearance Easter signs from Family Dollar and Dollar tree both for framing the cabinet and for additional separation.



I glued the craft drawers together in 2 rows of six, and cut down some wood pieces to create the drawers.



I gave my drawer boxes and drawers a couple light coats of Rustoleum's 5 in 1 spray paint in Chestnut Brown.



After cutting down the wood signs to size, I assembled the frame, attached the boxes and added wood filler where needed.



Everything got a good sanding and then I went over all the pieces with some more spray paint to get it all covered.


Then I added some wooden blocks for feet.



The craft drawers are made from a thin wood, which was a problem. I picked up some cute brass drawer pulls from Amazon, but the screws for the drawer pulls were too long. To rectify that, I added some Dollar tree mini tumbling tower blocks to the drawer fronts so I would have a thick enough surface to screw into.


Those worked perfectly, and the drawer pulls fit exactly the way I'd hoped! They gave me the look I was wanting, that old school card catalog/apothecary vibe that I love so much. (Man, I miss card catalogs!)



While it's not precisely what I had in mind, it turned out better than I expected and I'm in love with it!



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