"Necessity is the mother of invention" - Plato

Well, my mom has a need. A need for seeds.



Ok, that was bad, but I'm serious! She is itching to get her gardening going, and her place lacks space to get starts growing. So, I am building her a little table to go in a spot in front of her dining room window.

After getting a rough estimate of the area, we settled on a table about 2ft high, and I'm doing 16" wide by 30" long. I'll be using some scraps of wood I already have on hand to construct the whole thing. The width is determined by another project I will be doing next week, which is a greenhouse :)

I want to do a bit of a modern industrial type design. A) I like it and B) It looks super easy, lol. Something like this:



I don't have a big slab of live edge like that, but the idea is the same. A top and those type of legs.

Taking some scrap 1/2" plywood I measured and cut the pieces I need. I used some Gorilla Wood Glue and screws and clamps to put two pieces of plywood together, giving me about an inch thick tabletop.

I loved using these clamps, they came from *WorkPro on Amazon, and how cute are they? Pink, and for a good cause, they donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation a portion of the sales. Win win for me!


Once it was all cured, I took out the screws on the corners, and stained the whole thing with my *Varathane Special Walnut (which apparently no longer exists?). I also used a waterproofing sealant since its going to be basically her indoor potting table.

Now about those legs....
I have a full on twin sized wooden bed frame that was given to me AS SCRAP WOOD 😲 It is in great condition but I have no other use for it so it is definitely a treat to have all this wood. The base of it is made of 2x4's and that's what I'm using to make the legs.

I took all the cross pieces, each measuring at 35 1/2" and from 4 of them I can make the two legs. I cut 24" for the legs and the remainder are the cross braces.

I planned to try pocket holes with this super cheap jig I got from Amazon, and I opted out when I fought with this thing for way too long, instead just screwing the leg pieces together.

Next is wood filler, sand and paint.

For the paint, I bought some *Rustoleum Hammered Metal in black, as to give the appearance of metal legs. Fair warning: if you use this WEAR GLOVES!



Finally, putting it together. I drilled pilot holes in the top of the leg box thing and screwed it to the underside.

Is it high end? Nope! It is the epitome of Broke Girl Aesthetic 🤣 But you know what? It is functional, it is unique and best of all, was essentially free to make. Except the paint, I did buy that, but that is something I will use repeatedly, so in total, it was a minimal cost for the project.


In the end, she was happy with it, and it suited her needs perfectly, which is all that matters. So maybe it wasn't a fail after all.

Here it is in my house, in the second part to this video you'll see it in the space, with another little mini project (an exclusive for my Buy Me A Coffee members).

You can watch the full video below!



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