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Today kicks off my newest YouTube series, My Pinspiration. Each month I will recreate something I found on Pinterest. They could be from a shop, a blog, a video, or just another Pinner, but these ideas are what I found on there initially.


You can check out the board, and if you're a long-time viewer of my channel, you may recognize several of the things there :)


For my first episode, I'm making some hanging crates, made from Dollar Tree items.

I found this Pin, and instantly knew I could easily recreate this and do it on a budget.



Now, mine won't be exact of course, and the source is unknown so I haven't a clue about the size. Mine will be small-ish, about 6"x3"

I'm starting off with 2 different Dollar tree pallets, I'll use some wood glue and staples to hold it together. I absolutely LOVE my Surebonder Trigger Fire staple gun!



For the bottom, I'm using large craft sticks, and after trimming off the excess, I'll use some wood glue. Then, let that dry for a while. Once it's dry, I sand the whole thing.

Next comes stain, and I'll use my handy Folk Art Antique Wax.

To hang it, I'll use some jute twine like the Pin.

And that's it! Hang them up and add some cool plants.




What an easy and affordable craft, and a pretty decent approximation of the original, if I do say so myself :) Let me know if you try out this craft!

Watch the full video below:



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