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I have found a new obsession, using cement in place of resin.

Thanks to a new sponsor, One Day Saving, I got a cool new silicone mold to try out and I am in love with how it came out!

Let's talk about this one.

I picked a crescent moon tea light candle holder from the website (the second will be in a future video!) When they arrived, I was so excited I forgot to film the unboxing.

So, I get the mold out of the packaging, and it's a two piece mold: The main mold and an insert to hold the tealight.




I used Rockite Expansion Cement for this project. This is the second time I've used this particular product, the first was for an exclusive post to my Buy Me a Coffee members where I made some planters. You can find out more about that at this link.

So, with this product, it is a very fine cement powder, and you can use it with varying consistencies, I went with a runny, pancake batter consistency.



Once I have it how I want it, I just gently pour into my mold. Then I let it set up for a while before taking it out of the mold. It did give me a little bit of a fight the first time, but so worth it in the end!

I fell in love and immediately whipped up another batch to make a second one.




I am thrilled with the way I was able to use that cement for this project. I've been wanting to try it out in my molds for a while and this was the perfect piece to start my experimenting.


Thank you again to One Day Saving for sponsoring this project! Check out their website and all the amazing resin molds.

Watch the video for more info on the sponsor and how I made this stunning piece of decor


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