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I recently got a new laptop and needed a stand for it, so it would get air under it and to lift it up some so it would be comfortable to type on. So I took a couple of signs I picked up from Family Dollar (on clearance!) and a wooden dowel to create this riser.


I searched Pinterest then off to some other sites to get some ideas, and ultimately came up with a very simple, basic design.

Once I drew out my design, I tweaked it further to fit my laptop, and cut it out.


The boards I'm using a a bit thicker than the regular Dollar Tree boards, but I wanted there to be a bit more stability, so I glued two boards together with wood glue (after removing the embellishments).

Once they set up, I traced the template twice, then cut them out on my scroll saw. (Click image to go to the download)


I also traced the dowel rod end on one piece, and drilled a hole with a paddle bit so I could just slide that rod right through.

It fits!


I tried it out, satisfied with the results, then finished it of with a coat of *Rustoleum Hammered Metal Paint in black.



It's exactly what I needed for my laptop, and it took little time, barely any money. What a fun DIY!




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