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Welcome Spring!


Here in Central Texas, spring is upon us. Time to start growing, planting, and all things spring. With that in mind, I did a mini propagation station made from Dollar Tree items.

(I participated in a playlist hosted by Can Sarah DIY It, called Power Up. It's all ladies making things with power tools! You can check out the playlist and all the creative gals who joined from my video.)


I picked up just three items at my store (I work there!) to make this cute little thing. A pack of mini glass tubes, a blank wooden sign, and some jute cord.


From the other end (opposite the holes for the hanger) I measure 10 inches. At every two inches, about 1/2" from the top I make a little tick mark. This is where I will drill small holes to hang my tubes.




I took it out to cut on my scroll saw, but you could easily use a miter box and hand saw or just a sharp box cutter to cut the board, it's very light and thin.

I used some painter's tape on the back and front to avoid splintering and drill 4 holes with a 1/8" bit (8mm for metric). This is where I'll string the jute to attach the tubes.



I gave it a quick coat of antique wax to "stain". Here's a tip, you could also just use a dark brewed coffee to stain it!


I added a piece of the jute on the back for a hanger, using my *Surebonder x Ryobi cordless hot glue gun and Surebonder hot glue.


Then thread a length of the jute cord through the holes, using both ends to create a loop. Slide a tube through and pull tight on the back and tie it off. Repeat for all the tubes. I then used some craft paper and hot glue to finish off the back.



Fill about 3/4 full and add your cuttings and viola! For under 5 dollars, I made a cute little place to grow my pothos starts and have some more greenery to decorate with. I plan to do another one on a much larger scale, so stay tuned for that :)

Check out the full video below!



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