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Fabric bins for cube storage are a fantastic and economical storage option. You can find them for as little as $1.25 at Dollar Tree! But, you can’t always find them in the colors/patterns you want. Easy solution? DIY! Read on to see how you can upcycle fabric bins to match your decor.





First, let’s get the supplies together:

Fabric Cube Storage Bins (Available at * Dollar Tree)

Chalk Paint (I used * Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint)

Scrap Cardboard – Optional – To reinforce the sides that fold in

Labels – Optional – I used my Cricut to cut out some iron on labels for my bins


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, marked with an asterisk *. This means I may earn a commission should you choose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. It’s okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too!


Ok, got all that? Let’s DIY!


Adding Color

I used at least one coat of the White Adirondack chalk paint as a primer. If you don’t have chalk paint, it’s really easy to DIY that too! Holly from Hot Humble Pie has a great tutorial for making your own chalk paint, and goes through many variations to show you the best one.


I painted 3 of the 4 sides, to save time and paint, since the fronts (now back) are facing a wall and won’t really be seen. I also didn’t bother with the insides for the same reason, they won’t really be seen.



Then I mixed up a custom green color using more of my Folk Art Chalk Paints. To achieve this color, I used a combination of Antique Green and White Adirondack (plus some other greens) to make a lighter green, since I didn’t already have a shade like that. And like before, I just painted it on the bin, using at least 2 coats to cover the white base.




Here comes the fun part for me, making the labels. I chose to use my *Cricut Explore Air 2 and some heat transfer vinyl from HTVRont to personalize my bins. I already had most of them for designated items, so it was easy to make them. Using Design Space, I typed in the words and chose my font, which is Moontime.



After cutting them out and getting them weeded, the final step is simply ironing them on. For this I used my *HTVRont heat press and it makes quick work of it! I was first a bit concerned with the paint and everything, but it works out perfectly. Make sure your paint is fully dried before this step.


I used parchment paper to press, for an added measure of security in case the paint was sticky or not completely dried. For some more stability when pressing, I added a piece of cardboard inside. Using the suggested settings, I then pressed the label in about the center of the bin. To make sure I lined them up to be pretty much even, I used one that I tested for my budget craft room makeover.



I’m so glad I was able to finish this project finally! I am thrilled that it worked out the way I wanted, and adds even more 🌈 ROYGBV to my space.



Let me know if you’d upcycle fabric bins like this for your home!






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